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Have you grown accustomed to that crack in the tile on your bathroom wall? Do you have a well-practiced shuffle you do to get through the door which juts out into the room? You may be in the market for a new bathroom layout! There’s nothing like a luxurious bathroom to make you feel like all is well with the world. Whatever improvements or much needed upgrades you’d like to make, we’d love to put our heads together to make it happen!



For our customers, we only go after quality materials. In our experience, we’ve realized the truth of the common saying, “buy cheap, buy twice.” You may save a few dollars at the time of install, but in the long run, you’ll be more likely to need repairs or see patterns or paint fade after a while.



It’s the little details that really bring things together. Imagine an immaculate tile floor, a beautiful new tub…and an old, worn out faucet. Or imagine changing the faucet but leaving the previously matching towel rack and toilet paper holder from yesteryear. Having matching fixtures gives your revamped bathroom a nicer, more completed look that takes the whole room up a notch.



When we think of finishing touches, we usually picture a dab of paint here, maybe a quick wipe-down, but finishing a bathroom brings the other major elements of the overall picture together into one seamless design. The new tub and sink, complemented by the matching new hardware, may need new trim, paint, and an updated door before your vision is really complete.



Once we turn your dream into a plan, it’s time to do what we do best and give you a new bathroom that’s built to last! Our full-service contracting comes with quality craftsmanship from start to finish that delivers your dream bathroom right down to the very last nail.


aging in place

For those of us who are getting older, there are plenty of innovative ways to make your bathroom not only look fantastic, but also to make it easier to make use of. We can help you hold on to your independence with mobility assistance within your bathroom. We can install handrails to help you on and off the toilet, and there are even walk-in tubs and showers to help prevent those nasty slips and falls.

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