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Room Additions


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Let the sunshine in! There’s nothing like being able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh air of the outdoors—inside! Whether you’re adding a whole new room to your home or you’d like to transform a deck or patio, you’ll get to enjoy nature in a fresh space with the choicest materials and our superior workmanship giving you a space that’s built to last!


Master Suites

Need some extra space to get away from the kids, the dogs, or your houseguests? Maybe you’d just like to treat yourself to a fabulous private space. We can help you put together a blissful getaway, right in your own home. Get that honeymoon feeling back in a space that’s made for relaxation.



More than just a place to protect your vehicle or store your lawnmower, a garage is another beloved part of your home. Many people even use their garage as a place to hang out or as a mancave. Let us give you the semi outdoor space with all the storage space, workshop space, and lounging area you need.


family rooms

Is your home feeling crowded? Does your family movie night cause half the family to lie on the floor? Imagine a larger space for the family to spread out and relax. We can add a whole new room or expand another to give you the elbow room you’re looking for. You don’t have to stop at four walls, either. Think about the possibilities…built in shelves, bay windows, a fireplace, and you can give yourself the option of privacy with some French doors.


mother-in-law suites

When you have an aging loved one you want to stay close and care for, your house may start to feel a bit small. Give your family member their own private space to call home and have a degree of independence.


And More

There are more reasons for room additions than we could possibly write down! From basic needs like an extra bedroom or the other examples above to all the fascinating interests and hobbies that might be causing your current space to overflow, the only limit is your imagination! We’re happy to give you a custom space to accommodate anything you need more space for, backed up by quality workmanship that’s built to last!

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